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Barber Services

Our superb team has decades of experience, ensuring that our customers  receive the highest levels of service

We have created a menu of essential grooming services from Skin Fades to Beard Trims that guarantee all our customers leave Castro's Barbershop looking their very best. We specialise in performing authentic vintage haircuts from the 1930's to the 50's but also keep an eye on current trends so we can provide the ultimate in customer service.

Buzz/Crew Cut

Just like Elvis in the army. An all over single length cut executed with clippers.


approximately 20 mins

Skin Fade

A zero to hero cut that starts with no, or next to no, hair at the bottom graduating seamlessly to longer hair on top.


approximately 40 mins

Haircut & Beard Trim

Does what it says on the tin, but with the addition of facial hair fettling.


approximately 55-70 minutes

Children - Haircut

Dry cut for your sartorially shrewd 13 or under kid.


approximately 25 mins

Head Shave & Wash

For that luxe Jason Statham look, all over head dry shave and a wash if required.


approximately 20 mins

Beard Trim

Emerge from your man cave looking less like a bear and more like the cover of GQ magazine. Groomed, shaped and fragrant.


approximately 25-30 mins

Luxury Hot Towel Wet Shave

Full on old fashioned pampering session for the ultimate in grooming


approximately 1 and a half hours

Wash, Haircut & Style

Does what it says on the tin.


approximately 35-55 mins

Express Shave

Speedy dry shave for the man short on time but long on discernment.


approximately 15 mins

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